Working on Decolle

After the beautiful experience in Belgium, we are again working at Decolle Project. This time we should create a brochure or something particular to illustrate the most important place  in our town: Santa Severina.



We’ve Planed so a touristic brochure with the most characteristic monuments related, trough a Qr Code, to a power point on web,who better describes the other monuments. We’ve even projected a possible idea of weekend in our pamphlet…an idea probably unusual but surely  interesting and amazing.

Due to the face that in our workgroup there is even a girl who comes from another school in Cotronei we met afer school.

We tryed to use programs that we learn in the meeting in Gand and we had even the support of Paquito who  suggest us so many programs and strategy to realize a good work!

We are Waiting for the arrive of our Spanish friends… Working together it’s always the good answers!


Federica Versea

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