Students experience in CCT


During our last meeting in Murcia we have had the possibility to visit the famous CCT (Centro de Cualificacíon Turística).


Just we entered in the structure we have been stricken from professionalism of collaborators and from immensity of structure itself.
After we have done a short briefing, the professors Pablo Frutos and Antonio Chacón Camaches accompanied us to visit the laboratories of lounge bar and kitchen, where there take place the practical lessons. Subsequently we have had the pleasure to visit and to work in the bakey of the professor Santi Hernández, where we tasted some of her tasty specialities. After spending agreeable hours, flown quickly thanks to good organization of work and thanks to sympathy of her collaborators, we have come back at CCT to follow some afternoon lessons.
The lessons were:
-Bizcochos y rellenos para novatos;
-Ensaladas variadas;
-Arroces de la Regíon de Murcia;
-Introducción a la Cerveza.
We followed all the lessons and it is been spectacular to assist at the demonstrations of the professors performed with so much professionalism and originality, and moreover, we made treasure of their explainations and tips with their generosity, courtesy and sympathy.
For us it is been an honor elapse some hours there together of these great professors and we will retain forever in our memories this wonderful experience.




Agostino Gallo and Fabrizio Ceraudo

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