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Google Hangouts and the Classroom

We have been conducting trials with Google Hangouts and Google Drive in the classroom for several months now, with some fantastic success stories. Initial experiments with Facebook, WordPress.com, BuddyPress and other social media tools proved too cumbersome. The intention was to make the virtual classroom mimic the real classroom as much as possible. This meant … Continue reading

Sogno d’oro: LALEO 2012

Santa Severina, a holy name for me, the name of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy where I was born for the second time. So I can say that Santa Severina has become my second home and I go back every year. For me and my fellow Romanians it was a unique and … Continue reading

Studing at CCT

Let´s think of the last two months!! Shall we? In October a group of people were submitted in CCT Murcia looking for an opportunity. We will hope do a course that improvement our skills as employers in a restaurant. Some of us had experience in this area, but it would be the first experience in … Continue reading

My stay at CCT

CCT is an important institution that offers a wide range of courses for tourism and an excellent learning and a high professionalism. Teachers are highly trained and always empathic of international students because they speak  slowly and clearly and give you the chance to understand very well. This center is about 360 degrees because it … Continue reading