Great days in Santa Severina (Italy)

Thanks to Decolle proyect, we have been in Italy for four days, we have enjoyed a lot, because of our partners from Italy. Hava Nagila is wonderful, all time with us, we enjoyed sharing every app and websites for touristic guides that Pablo Frutos had discovered for this proyect. He is wonderful too. Our young partners were superb. I’ll never forget Claudia playing the piano during the gin&tonic lesson that Salvatore Staine prepared in his school of gastronomy.


Every Museum every restaurant, every touristic place, will be saved in my mind forever, Alessio Frisone is very big, it’s a good friend but Francesco Caputo is the boss, I want to be as like him. My Spanish partners, I’m sorry if I ever I’ve been so mad, but I think everybody can smile and learn, thank. I failed English at the secondary school, and I’m very happy for this opportunity to improve my English. This is not the end of the project. To be continued. Thank you for everything.

F. José García

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