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Students experience in CCT

During our last meeting in Murcia we have had the possibility to visit the famous CCT (Centro de Cualificacíon Turística). Just we entered in the structure we have been stricken from professionalism of collaborators and from immensity of structure itself. After we have done a short briefing, the professors Pablo Frutos and Antonio Chacón Camaches … Continue reading

Last meeting in Murcia: ADIOS AMIGOS!

11 and 12 June 2015 was held in Murcia at the CCT / ITREM Decolle the last meeting of the project in the presence of representatives of Leat‘s Learn it and the City of Santa Severina, partner organizations of this project. It ‘was an opportunity to retrace the steps of the project, through a report … Continue reading


If you are located in Murcia, Spain, and you are lucky, you can have lunch at the restaurant of the CCT ( Centro de Cualification Turistica ) . Dining at CCT is a unique experience, unparalleled. You will be greeted by a waiter who all ‘entrance, cordially, leading to the table. The atmosphere is relaxed, … Continue reading


Murcia city has a variety of activities, entertainment, events, cultural offer, etc. that many of us don’t know.  We can spend our free time off with these kinds of activities If you are bored, you can do…  Go shopping, but there are some quirky shops like: Zumo de algodón, with t-shirt, jeans, flip flops, etc … Continue reading


If you are one of those lucky people who have free time and you like adventure, then the activity I suggest today is definitely for you. My proposal are different activities outdoors and in particular those you can do in the River Segura. “Blanca” is a little town in the Northeast area of Murcia which … Continue reading


Among all the different activities to do in the spare time, staying in contact with Nature and animals is for me one of the best options when it comes to spend an enjoyable whole free day. Here, in Murcia the pleasant weather, with lots of sunny days along the year, makes open air activities be … Continue reading