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IO BORRELLI students , Federica Versea, Marco Bubba, Alessandro Vaccaro and Claudia Rocca worked at a webquest that was intended to create a brochure in English and Italian concerning Santa Severina and its artistic and cultural heritage. The boys have made their contribution to the project Decolle – Grundtvig LLP . On PADLET page it’s … Continue reading

Mix of cultures

The project is almost concluded, in fact only few months missing to the last meeting. The three delegations are met 8 and 9 April in Santa Severina, where the job on the new technologies to the market of the tourism is continued. The project GRUNDTVIG  LLP DECOLLE however, it is not only an exchange of … Continue reading

Working on Decolle

After the beautiful experience in Belgium, we are again working at Decolle Project. This time we should create a brochure or something particular to illustrate the most important place  in our town: Santa Severina.   We’ve Planed so a touristic brochure with the most characteristic monuments related, trough a Qr Code, to a power point … Continue reading

Our Boqueria in Crotone

Crotone hosts many markets, but there is one in particular that is worth a visit. Every Sunday morning, in fact , not far from the Stadio Ezio Scida, in an area specially organized many producers from the province and not onlexhibit their products. The choice is vast, you can find anything, all organic and local. … Continue reading


The end of Decolle PROJECT is approaching, two meetings have already been realized, the third will be short and unfortunately the project ends in June 2015 . Is almost reached the occasion to take stock of the situation and drawn conclusion . As for the City of Santa Severina this project represented a further opportunity … Continue reading


The day after we’ve arrived in Ghent for DECOLLE meeting ( GRUNDTVIG LLP ) we went to the belfry of Ghent a 91-metre-tall civil tower. This tower was built in 1313 and was a little bit smaller in fact was made only by 4 floor. On the top was put a gilded dragon, a wind … Continue reading

Theatre at the Lyceum Borrelli: comedy

As a little tradition like the last 4 years in the lyceum “Diodato Borrelli” a group of people has decided to play a comedy. This years was played a comedy by Edoardo Scarpetta, one of the most important Italian comedy director: “Tre pecore viziose”. This play speak about 3 man, all married, that promise at … Continue reading


On Thursday 15 of May some students of secondary school focusing on humanities ‘’ Diodato Borrelli’’ put on a show in the ‘’Auditorium’’ of the school. The musical was all in english, and they spent about 2 months to prepare it. The show dured about 2 hours, but it wasn’t boring because of the fun … Continue reading


According to tradition, this year a group of students in my High School “Liceo Classico Diodato Borrelli”, played a greek tragedy. The tragedy was “Elettra” by Sofocle. This tragedy talks about a story of two brothers who want to revenge their killed father, called Agamennone. We worked on this project for 5 months. So much … Continue reading


During the meeting in Belgium organized by ‘’Decolle Project’’, one of our stage was in the city of Bruges. Bruges is a very nice and approachable city with a population of 120.000 people. We arrived here in the morning, so we had the time to eat something and we spent all the afternoon to visit … Continue reading