Sonett is an EU funded Grundtvig Learning Partnership project.

Social and economic changes of the past decade have had great impact on regional tourism and labor markets throughout the EU.

Special efforts must be made to increase the participation of adult learners from regional areas, especially in tourism and related services.

The aims of the project are to:

  • To increase the ICT skills of tourism & hospitality workers (especially younger and lower skilled workers).
  • To increase competitiveness and productivity of organisations in the tourism & hospitality sector through the introduction of new technologies.
  • To exchange practical experiences between teachers in different organisations in the promotion of adult education, new technologies, multimedia techniques, tourism and languages.

Project Coordinator:

Region de Murcia Logo

Region de Murcia, Spain


Comune di Santa Severina Logo

Comune di Santa Severina, Italy

Dublin School of English Logo

Dublin School of English, Ireland

Contact Us

This is all about social media, so feel free to use Twitter or Facebook to engage with us.

If you prefer you can contact the project coordinator using the form below.

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