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Students experience in CCT

During our last meeting in Murcia we have had the possibility to visit the famous CCT (Centro de Cualificacíon Turística). Just we entered in the structure we have been stricken from professionalism of collaborators and from immensity of structure itself. After we have done a short briefing, the professors Pablo Frutos and Antonio Chacón Camaches … Continue reading

Mix of cultures

The project is almost concluded, in fact only few months missing to the last meeting. The three delegations are met 8 and 9 April in Santa Severina, where the job on the new technologies to the market of the tourism is continued. The project GRUNDTVIG  LLP DECOLLE however, it is not only an exchange of … Continue reading


If you are located in Murcia, Spain, and you are lucky, you can have lunch at the restaurant of the CCT ( Centro de Cualification Turistica ) . Dining at CCT is a unique experience, unparalleled. You will be greeted by a waiter who all ‘entrance, cordially, leading to the table. The atmosphere is relaxed, … Continue reading

Studing at CCT

Let´s think of the last two months!! Shall we? In October a group of people were submitted in CCT Murcia looking for an opportunity. We will hope do a course that improvement our skills as employers in a restaurant. Some of us had experience in this area, but it would be the first experience in … Continue reading

My stay at CCT

CCT is an important institution that offers a wide range of courses for tourism and an excellent learning and a high professionalism. Teachers are highly trained and always empathic of international students because they speak  slowly and clearly and give you the chance to understand very well. This center is about 360 degrees because it … Continue reading

Regulatory and Legal Framework of Tourist Activity

1ST FORUM:  “TOURISM IN THE 21ST CENTURY” Regulatory and Legal Framework of Tourist Activity’ October 3–5, 2012, Cartagena, Murcia The permanent centre of Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in Cartagena has organised the ‘TOURISM IN THE 21STCENTURY’ 1st Forum, which will take place on October 3, 4 and 5, 2012. Región de Murcia’s Consejería de Cultura … Continue reading

Dawn wakes me up

Even before the alarm clock tells me it is time to do so. Just ahead there is an adventure, a trip towards an exchange, an early meeting with my trip mates. Some doubts, some impressions of those who have already walked around its narrow streets and, nearly without being aware, our transfer to Valencia seems … Continue reading

Meetings in Santa Severina

From 4 to 6 July 2012, within the lifelong learning policy of the Grundtvig program, it took place the second professional meeting attended by the delegations of Ireland (Dublin School of English), Spain (Centro de Cualificación Turística de Murcia) and Italy (Comune di Santa Severina). This time the appointment was in Santa Severina (Italy). During … Continue reading