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Continue preparation for the second meeting ( GRUNDTVIG LLP ) for the project Decolle. The Italian ( Santa Severina Municipality )and Spanish (CCT) delegations using the free tools that the web offers, they are in constant contact through the hangouts , G+ tool that allows you to make video conferencing with multiple people and also … Continue reading

Google Hangouts and the Classroom

We have been conducting trials with Google Hangouts and Google Drive in the classroom for several months now, with some fantastic success stories. Initial experiments with Facebook, WordPress.com, BuddyPress and other social media tools proved too cumbersome. The intention was to make the virtual classroom mimic the real classroom as much as possible. This meant … Continue reading

Sonett ICT Classes in Dublin School of English

Between January 12th and 17th Dublin School of English  hosted the third Sonett (Grundtvig) Project Conference, with delegates from CCT Murcia and Santa Severina City in Italy. The conference consisted of meetings, lectures, specialised tech language classes and ICT training focused on integration of social media into the classroom. Since summer 2012 we have been … Continue reading