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Students experience in CCT

During our last meeting in Murcia we have had the possibility to visit the famous CCT (Centro de Cualificacíon Turística). Just we entered in the structure we have been stricken from professionalism of collaborators and from immensity of structure itself. After we have done a short briefing, the professors Pablo Frutos and Antonio Chacón Camaches … Continue reading


IO BORRELLI students , Federica Versea, Marco Bubba, Alessandro Vaccaro and Claudia Rocca worked at a webquest that was intended to create a brochure in English and Italian concerning Santa Severina and its artistic and cultural heritage. The boys have made their contribution to the project Decolle – Grundtvig LLP . On PADLET page it’s … Continue reading

Working on Decolle

After the beautiful experience in Belgium, we are again working at Decolle Project. This time we should create a brochure or something particular to illustrate the most important place  in our town: Santa Severina.   We’ve Planed so a touristic brochure with the most characteristic monuments related, trough a Qr Code, to a power point … Continue reading


The end of Decolle PROJECT is approaching, two meetings have already been realized, the third will be short and unfortunately the project ends in June 2015 . Is almost reached the occasion to take stock of the situation and drawn conclusion . As for the City of Santa Severina this project represented a further opportunity … Continue reading


                                                               GENEROUS         EXCELENT             RAD          AMAZING         RADIANT         DISCIPLINED Could you say me the ingredients to have the best receipt, if you want to be successful in a class with Italian and Spanish people?????  THE … Continue reading


                                          (a big maple tree in  Trinity College gardens) The third meeting of  GRUNDTVIG Sonett project  was held in Dublin  ( January 12 – 17  2013 ) . It was an opportunity to study, fruitful cultural exchange and also also conviviality. During the appointment of Ireland ( DSE hosted), which was attended by 12 students … Continue reading

I,m a waitress

There’s been a significant change in my life since I’ve carried out my course  “Basic Operations of Restaurant and Bar”  I have always been struck by the world of hospitality; the contact with the people, the master waiting on the tables, the harmony on the table, in the dining room…  But my fate was another, … Continue reading

Studing at CCT

Let´s think of the last two months!! Shall we? In October a group of people were submitted in CCT Murcia looking for an opportunity. We will hope do a course that improvement our skills as employers in a restaurant. Some of us had experience in this area, but it would be the first experience in … Continue reading