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Charles Quint, Ghent and beer

No puedo olvidar mi pasión por la gastronomía, aún menos cuando viajo a la ciudad que vio nacer al que fue nuestro emperador Carlos V. Fue a su llegada a España cuando su consumo subió como la espuma. Cuando llegó a España para ser coronado rey, se trajo consigo a sus maestros cerveceros. Estos expertos … Continue reading


The day after we’ve arrived in Ghent for DECOLLE meeting ( GRUNDTVIG LLP ) we went to the belfry of Ghent a 91-metre-tall civil tower. This tower was built in 1313 and was a little bit smaller in fact was made only by 4 floor. On the top was put a gilded dragon, a wind … Continue reading

Enjoy the taste of belgium square after square

Recently in our meeting in Gant , we had the luck to taste the famous Belgian sweets named Gaufres (or Waffles). This specialty is crisp outside and soft inside and this is the particular that makes incomparable every bite. Furthermore, they are very fragrant and very tasty. Gaufres are made with milk, butter, flour ,sugar, … Continue reading