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Ribs ” à volonté “

Last June, inside the Decolle Project, the Spanish and Italian delegation had to move to the city of “GANT”, in order to have a meeting with our partner in Belgium. This lovely City was expecting us. All the Spanish delegation was very excited; for some of us, it was going to be the first time … Continue reading

Charles Quint, Ghent and beer

No puedo olvidar mi pasión por la gastronomía, aún menos cuando viajo a la ciudad que vio nacer al que fue nuestro emperador Carlos V. Fue a su llegada a España cuando su consumo subió como la espuma. Cuando llegó a España para ser coronado rey, se trajo consigo a sus maestros cerveceros. Estos expertos … Continue reading

A dream travel

The city of Gante is a beautiful city full of channels, ancient buildings and with a green background. In this post, I am going to focus on the gastronomy of this area that, I have to say, it impressed quite a lot. My first gastronomic contact when we arrived to Gante was tasting one of … Continue reading

Souvenirs from Ghent (Belgium)

Today is a good day, a good day to smile, to see colleagues from work and why not, to travel. Gradually we reach the starting point, excited to be able to live these experiences that, although related to work and projects, are very rewarding and important for our day to day in the Centro de … Continue reading