In Santa Severina  Decolle project team are finalizing the last details for the next meeting to be held April 8 – 9 . Meeting will be held in the presence of all three delegations , Santa Severina Municipality , ITREM from Murcia (Spain) , LET’S LEARN IT from Gand (Belgium).

The agenda is so structured:

April 8

H 9:30       Greetings at counsil chambre ;
H 10:30     Webqest presentation  by IPSSAR students ;
H 11:00      Workshop by  PABLO FRUTOS (CCT) at Castle ;
H 12:30      Webqest presentation by BORRELLI students ;
H 13:30      Lunch at LALEO realized by IPSSAR students ;

April 9

H 10:00      Greetings at IPSSAR SCHOOL ;
H 10:30      Workshop by  FRANCISCO JOSE GARCIA (CCT) at IPSSAR ;

H 11 :30     IPSSAR   school tour ;

H 17:00      Partners meeting , monitoring activities , planning next meeting in Murcia .


Ativities are many and varied, we are confident that the experience will be rich for all participants and that we can show to our guests the hospitality of Calabria .


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