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The Royal Casino of Murcia

Hello everybody, My name is Concha and I have made a four-minute video of one of the most beautiful places of this city….well, from my point of view. Someone said “A picture is worth a thousand words” and he was right, as most people like “reading” pictures. I hope you enjoy the visit. Kind regards, … Continue reading

Enriching Irish experience

When one arrives in Dublin, it is likely to feel a bit anxious somehow in the moment of meeting your Irish family. However, as soon as they welcome you, it takes only some minutes to realise that many Irish people like taking in foreign students not only because it is a way of earning money, … Continue reading


                                          (a big maple tree in  Trinity College gardens) The third meeting of  GRUNDTVIG Sonett project  was held in Dublin  ( January 12 – 17  2013 ) . It was an opportunity to study, fruitful cultural exchange and also also conviviality. During the appointment of Ireland ( DSE hosted), which was attended by 12 students … Continue reading


The  DUBLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH  hosted the third meeting of the project GRUNDTVIG January 12 to 17 ,which was attended by the delegation of the CCT of Murcia and the delegation of the City of Santa Severina. The members of the two delegations have participated in personalized lessons held by school teachers.Professors Gerard and Jack … Continue reading


Every year at this Christmas time, I get together with my family, with my friends and with my co-workers, and we share time together enjoying some of the best culinary delights (which our pockets accept J) including some of the best wines of Spain. We usually choose a Rioja wine, but this year I am … Continue reading


The Region of Murcia for its weather and its land is a special area of wine production. We live surrounded by vines and a gastronomic tradition .There is a good quality wine production and we would like you to know our enology culture. There are three D.O (guarantee of origin and quality of a wine) … Continue reading

Studing at CCT

Let´s think of the last two months!! Shall we? In October a group of people were submitted in CCT Murcia looking for an opportunity. We will hope do a course that improvement our skills as employers in a restaurant. Some of us had experience in this area, but it would be the first experience in … Continue reading


Murcia city has a variety of activities, entertainment, events, cultural offer, etc. that many of us don’t know.  We can spend our free time off with these kinds of activities If you are bored, you can do…  Go shopping, but there are some quirky shops like: Zumo de algodón, with t-shirt, jeans, flip flops, etc … Continue reading


If you are one of those lucky people who have free time and you like adventure, then the activity I suggest today is definitely for you. My proposal are different activities outdoors and in particular those you can do in the River Segura. “Blanca” is a little town in the Northeast area of Murcia which … Continue reading