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The  DUBLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH  hosted the third meeting of the project GRUNDTVIG January 12 to 17 ,which was attended by the delegation of the CCT of Murcia and the delegation of the City of Santa Severina. The members of the two delegations have participated in personalized lessons held by school teachers.Professors Gerard and Jack … Continue reading


From 4 to 6 July 2012 was held in Santa Severina the 2nd meeting on the Sonett Grundtvig, the presence of foreign delegations, along with the City of Santa Severina, are realizing the project. The delegations had got to know in February during the last meeting in Murcia, and this second event was undoubtedly a … Continue reading

Dawn wakes me up

Even before the alarm clock tells me it is time to do so. Just ahead there is an adventure, a trip towards an exchange, an early meeting with my trip mates. Some doubts, some impressions of those who have already walked around its narrow streets and, nearly without being aware, our transfer to Valencia seems … Continue reading