During the meeting in Belgium organized by ‘’Decolle Project’’, one of our stage was in the city of Bruges. Bruges is a very nice and approachable city with a population of 120.000 people. We arrived here in the morning, so we had the time to eat something and we spent all the afternoon to visit … Continue reading

My project-work with Paquito in Gand

Before to know Paquito I was not very able to use computer tools, with him I have discovered a new world Made of so many useful programmes. In Gand Our team realized a particular turism’s brochure. We choose “Le Castella”(a wonderful sea-place in Calabria) to make it known in the world. Our is not the … Continue reading


During our meeting in Ghent we had the pleasure to taste the famous Belgian chocolate. Together at the Switzerland and the Italy, the Belgium is the nation with the more solid tradition of chocolate in the world. In the country there are many well-known and appreciated brands everywhere. The Belgian chocolate, known throughout the world … Continue reading

Decolle project work : develop new ideas with ICT

In recent weeks, students, faculty and staff from Santa Severina have worked using new technologies learned through the project Decolle LLP Grundtvig leaning partership. Example of the work done and new tools learned is the proposed Tourism Annex produced by Fabrizio Ceraudo and Agostino Gallo, exploiting hangout G and TED.ed have developed a proposal for … Continue reading


Continue preparation for the second meeting ( GRUNDTVIG LLP ) for the project Decolle. The Italian ( Santa Severina Municipality )and Spanish (CCT) delegations using the free tools that the web offers, they are in constant contact through the hangouts , G+ tool that allows you to make video conferencing with multiple people and also … Continue reading

Continuing DECOLLE selections in Santa Severina

                                                      The Italian delegation participating in the project Decolle GRUNDTVIG LLP  together with the CCT of Murcia and Let’s Learn It  located in Ghent , is proceeding with the selections of the young students to be involved in the project . Pupils of the schools , having expressed an interest in participating in the … Continue reading