DECOLLE MENU by Agostino and Fabrizio

At the third meeting  two young pupils of IPSSAR  have studied a menu revisiting the culinary traditions of Crotone and have proposed to guests by the Belgian and Spanish delegations.

Agostino Gallo and Fabrizio Ceraudo took care to choose the raw materials, study a menu that would represent the Marquis Crotone, the grocery products and cook a lunch which was a great success . Among the guests were restaurateurs, chefs and teachers from the CCT of Murcia who were impressed by the work of the young pupils.


The success of the proposed lunch is derived from the professionalism of the two boys and the choices made, in fact, the menu was characterized by the proposal of local products, such as liquorice mushrooms and potatoes.

The boys performed the task assigned to them by webqest, in fact it was decided to use the tools of teaching 2.0 developed through the project Decolle to practice with new tools.


Below the menu proposed :

Bundle of pepper and potatoes
Pepper Cavatelli with mushrooms sauce and sausage
Calabrian black pork roll with chard and walnuts on a radish bed
Orange Mousse Bavarian



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