The end of Decolle PROJECT is approaching, two meetings have already been realized, the third will be short and unfortunately the project ends in June 2015 .

Is almost reached the occasion to take stock of the situation and drawn conclusion .


As for the City of Santa Severina this project represented a further opportunity for European visibility, the village was in fact the protagonist of the training activities and will host the next meeting in april .
The lucky ones who participated in the project were many, students of the High School Diodato Borrelli, Technical Institute of Cotronei and of Ipsar Le Castella: prepared and serious guys who got themselves involved in all activities in their proposals, which increased their knowledge and that also allowed the project team to be able to enjoy many of the tools learned through Decolle .

Among the tools learned, useful for the heritage that keeps Santa Severina, we find: webqest and padlet and wordpress .

img_1550All activities were carried out in English, allowing everyone, project teams and students ,to improve their language skills ,to practice English and to “work” in English .


Finally, an important element of this project was the partnership, the Spanish friends have been confirmed and new friends in Ghent were a pleasant surprise : impossible to forget the warm welcome of the Spanish CCT, the interesting lessons offered by Lets Lean it.



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