Ribs ” à volonté “

IMG_3022Last June, inside the Decolle Project, the Spanish and Italian delegation had to move to the city of “GANT”, in order to have a meeting with our partner in Belgium. This lovely City was expecting us. All the Spanish delegation was very excited; for some of us, it was going to be the first time there.

After arriving at the airport we moved to NH Belfort Gant Hotel: spectacular, perfectly situated, just in front of the Cathedral and Belfort Tower. It is a Boutique Hotel that comes from the medieval period, but totally re-decorated and new inside it.  So, what to do now?

Gant is the perfect city for exploring on food, full of pedestrians and narrows streets, where wandering is a total pleasure. Every corner, every shop, every bridge is a gift.

In the main square we discover a fantastic place called “MAX”, in my opinion the perfect place to taste the real and incomparable “Waffle”, UMMMM I can´t forget the taste, how to describe it? imagine you could eat a cloud, with a little bit of cream and sugar….. Totally recommended… order a hot chocolate, and for a moment you will feel as if you were in cloud number 9.


After that, go for a walk, enter every chocolate shop, it is unbelievable, how small and nice they are, how they handlechocolate and create such different sizes and figures.IMG_20140702_102535

Move along Graslei and Korenlei streets but you can’t leave Gant without visiting Saint Bravo Cathedral. “The Ghent Altarpiece (also called the Adoration of the Mystic LamborHubert van Eyck and Jan van Eyck, the altarpiece is composed of 12 panels, eight of which are hinged shutters. The wings are painted on both sides, giving two distinct views depending on whether they are open or closed.

During dusk, cross “Saint Michel Bridge” and you will fall in love; have a Belgium beer anywhere, it doesn´t matter the brand, all of them are fantastic. I specially remember “Delirium Tremens”……….

For dinner I encourage you to visit “Amadeus” in Plotersgracht 8, (this is the oldest and the nicest). It is a chain of restaurants; once there, you should order the main menu: it consist of “Boiled potatoes “, with a special sauce, IMG_3072and a big platter of ribs, the trick is that you can order as many ribs as you could eat, in the middle of the table you have an old tin to leave the eaten ribs; it was really enjoyable, and strange. As you can imagine both the Italian Delegation and the Spanish one asked for ribs at least in two occasions.

IMG_3102But as in any “Decolle” meeting, the most important thing is the People`s Delegations. In this occasion “Italian people” were very interested in learning everything about the project, how to use new technologies in order to show their region to the world, others were working with Spanish cooks about the new tendencies in cookery today.

 And last but not least, thanks to the “Belgium Delegation” we had a nice time at Gent University, and during the “Day Trip” to Bruges, just to say:

“Thanks for all your explanations about history and culture in general. We will always remember that fantastic city.”

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