A dream travel

Sin título 1The city of Gante is a beautiful city full of channels, ancient buildings and with a green background. In this post, I am going to focus on the gastronomy of this area that, I have to say, it impressed quite a lot. My first gastronomic contact when we arrived to Gante was tasting one of the most classical elaborations of the city: I had the chance of trying waffles in one of the most emblematic restaurants of the city. It was an incredible and spongy dough, with a crunchy cover. An amazing and obviously a great start of the trip.

Sin título 2We also went to a distillery where the owner used to make strong mixtures. It is said that a lot of politicians and celebrities go to that place.

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Regarding to the day we spent in Bruges, I must say that city impressed me a lot, although I also think that it is so beautiful and it may look artificial. I think that daily life in there is very exploited because of tourism. We had a guided visit where a bit of the history of the city was explained. However, as my English is very poor, I had quite a lot of difficulties to understand it. After that we went to taste Belgian beer. There is a wide variety and of great quality.

Our stay in Gante and Bruges finished with a wonderful dinner in the restaurant Sans Cravate (without tie) in Bruges. After analyzing the most accessible restaurants of the area throughout the public transport, I realized that this one would be the most surprising for us.

It is amazing the amount of restaurants with Michelin stars taking into account the population Belgium has. It exactly has 121 stars (three restaurants with 3 stars, 17 with two stars and 101 with one sta)r. After trying to go to some of the most symbolic ones, such as Dani Horseele, Vrijmoed, Jan var den Bon or Benoit in Bernard Dewitte, we weren’t able to go to any of them due to the fact that rests are much respected and neither Sundays nor Mondays are opened. Nevertheless we finally had the chance to go to that fabulous restaurant of the amazing city of Bruges. (David López)

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