Souvenirs from Ghent (Belgium)

IMG_3084Today is a good day, a good day to smile, to see colleagues from work and why not, to travel. Gradually we reach the starting point, excited to be able to live these experiences that, although related to work and projects, are very rewarding and important for our day to day in the Centro de Cualificación Turística, where we can enjoy a modern and contemporary centre with great professionals wanting to improve. No doubt Decolle Proyect is something positive for all of us.

Alicante welcomes US with a blazing sun that makes us think it will be, for sure, one of these European encounters which will make us enjoy and learn and, almost without realizing, we see that striking poster that says “we all like to fly”. What great vibes! Laughter on the plane and willing attitudes to live together, words that the people from Ghent seem to know very well since already on our arrival we realize that that city is different, and their rhythm, their manners, their respect makes us think that we are in another world, or at least a place very different from what we know here in Murcia which, although small, can be quite a noisy city, not very civic sometimes, but actually very nice and cheerful wherever you go. But you certainly you miss Murcia as soon as you leave, for better or worse.

But let’s focus in Ghent. If something caught our attention, apart from their channels – really beautiful indeed – and their fantastic architecture, where past and present mix, was undoubtedly the ease at which cars, trams, pedestrians, buses, thousands of tourists and “millions” of bicycles coexist. Here we wanted to exaggerate about the bikes to leave a proof of the huge number of them in the city and because it is a means of transport that keeps you fit, is eco-friendly and, above all, is economic. Well, all this in a charming city with narrow streets, taverns, improvised concerts by bands who pack a punch – even though the bar reminded us of a movie by Tarantino rather than of the typical Belgian bar.IMG_3035

In short, in addition to working at the University of Ghent and getting to know the culture of these people, and spending some time with our Belgian and our ever-affectionate Italian fellows, we could also enjoy ourselves, which is something we truly needed!! And the two undersigned writing this post here had a very pleasant surprise when discovering how human beings, new technologies, engines, train rails and two-wheeled human-powered machines could cohabit. Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable experiences of 2014 that leaves us a very good taste in our mouths.

PS: By the way, we do not think we will eat eel again, as we found it a bit tasteless, but we’d better go on a boat trip if we have the chance of going back there.

Sincerely, Laura and Antonio.

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