The day after we’ve arrived in Ghent for DECOLLE meeting ( GRUNDTVIG LLP ) we went to the belfry of Ghent a 91-metre-tall civil tower.

This tower was built in 1313 and was a little bit smaller in fact was made only by 4 floor.

On the top was put a gilded dragon, a wind vane, that was like a guard for the treasure; in fact in this tower were kept a lot of important civil document.

After a bit time the tower was repaired and on the top was put a cast iron spire and after a century was replaced by the actual stone spire. In the tower now there is a bell museum with a lot of bell and the actual bell carillon is made of 52 bells.

Here were a lot of stairs to go up and you have ever the fear to fall down but at the top is a awesome view of the whole city.
The most big bell, called Roland, is activate by a particular clock that, how you can see in the photo, it’s really really complicated.


It was a awesome experience because you can imagine to be one of the medieval man that care about the bell and you can still feel the alarm when the bell play for an emergency.

It’s one of the most beautiful and romantic place in Ghent if you’ll come here you can’t miss to go there.



Alessandro Vaccaro

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