Theatre at the Lyceum Borrelli: comedy



As a little tradition like the last 4 years in the lyceum “Diodato Borrelli” a group of people has decided to play a comedy.

This years was played a comedy by Edoardo Scarpetta, one of the most important Italian comedy director: “Tre pecore viziose”.

This play speak about 3 man, all married, that promise at other 3 woman to married them. This play was amazing, fantastic and really really funny.

The group was amazing, they were 20 people, with a lot of sense of humor. I help them with the technical aspect, so I had assist at 3/4 tries and I had a lot of fun.

I knew all of them yet before work with them. They are all students like me and 4 of them are in my same classroom.

Help them was an amazing thing. The last year I’ ve played in another comedy played by the same group and it was really fantastic.

The atmosphere, the relationship of trust, the ton of laughs that you have with them you can never forget.

Join to this kind of activity can be one of the most important way to have friends and to have the most beautiful experience of your life.

So Let’s play a play to enjoy your life!

Alessandro Vaccaro



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