According to tradition, this year a group of students in my High School “Liceo Classico Diodato Borrelli”, played a greek tragedy.
The tragedy was “Elettra” by Sofocle. This tragedy talks about a story of two brothers who want to revenge their killed father, called Agamennone.
We worked on this project for 5 months. So much students took part on this project and we had some teachers’ help too. We worked hard for two or three times a week till the great day. We performed it on June 8th in Santa Severina in a very particular scenography: the ancient Castle of norman origin an byzantine.
It was amazing!
So much people came to see us and gave us a lot of congratulations. We were so nervous and terrified to start the show. But in the end it was a very succesfull exibition. Few days after the first exibition we did the show in another vilage.
It was a very particular and interesting experience because was an occasion to say tanks to everyone who took part on this amazing project.
Since it is an ancient tradition of the school I am sure that it will be repeated.

I am happy and proud to have been part of this tradition.




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