My project-work with Paquito in Gand

Before to know Paquito I was not very able to use computer tools, with him I have discovered a new world Made of so many useful programmes.

In Gand Our team realized a particular turism’s brochure.

We choose “Le Castella”(a wonderful sea-place in Calabria) to make it known in the world.

Our is not the usual heavy brochure, it’s a practical guide to make your holiday perfect.

We put some Qr Code on the top of the pages so that tourists can find every information on web just taking pictures with them smartphone that will transport them in the official web-site. We choose web-sites like trip-advisor, Google maps, Google +, and other social that make understable activities, history, everything and more you want to know about Le Castella.

Then we recorded a video to explain our project, loaded it on YouTube and put its Qr code on the brochure.

It was a really innovative idea…working together with Paquito and other friends was a very fantastic experience and I hope to see them very soon.


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