During the meeting in Belgium organized by ‘’Decolle Project’’, one of our stage was in the city of Bruges.

Bruges is a very nice and approachable city with a population of 120.000 people. We arrived here in the morning, so we had the time to eat something and we spent all the afternoon to visit the city in all of its aspects.

Bruges is a tipical Belgian city, it’s really easy to guide yourself here.

This city is also one of the most important tourist place in all the Country; the historical centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 and here you can see everywhere tipical elements of medieval style.

But Bruges isn’t only a historic city, you can have fun in a lot of ways,like shopping. Sport is also common, there are two football team in the city which play in the Jupiler League( first league in Belgium).

For its canals,buildings and old churches Bruges is also known as ‘’the Belgian Venice’’.

Symbol of the city is the famous ‘’Belfry of Bruges’’, a medieval bell tower.


Well B like Belgium, B like Beer …and B like Bruges!



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