During our meeting in Ghent we had the pleasure to taste the famous Belgian chocolate.

Together at the Switzerland and the Italy, the Belgium is the nation with the more solid tradition of chocolate in the world. In the country there are many well-known and appreciated brands everywhere.

The Belgian chocolate, known throughout the world is one of the flagship of the Wallon gastronomy, because it is used in many recipes.
Was thanks to the Spanish that the chocolate reached the Europe, because the Spanish navigators of XVI century, arrived in South America for the conquest of gold have discovered the cocoa, currency trading and symbol of wealth in Europe.

In Belgium the first chocolate bar was produced in 1840, and thanks to the Maître chocolatier Belgian Jean Neuhaus, who had the idea to cover some comfit of almond with chocolate, were born Belgian pralines known in over the world.

Agostino Gallo

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