Continuing DECOLLE selections in Santa Severina

Image                                                    Image


The Italian delegation participating in the project Decolle GRUNDTVIG LLP  together with the CCT of Murcia and Let’s Learn It  located in Ghent , is proceeding with the selections of the young students to be involved in the project .

Pupils of the schools , having expressed an interest in participating in the project will be the subject of a further test, a written test that wants to measure the ability with the English language and an oral test to check the level of interest and motivation : in fact, together with the knowledge of English and the main computer is required active participation in all phases of the project. Were many who express a willingness to participate in the project which, remember has as its object the ICT  applied to tourism , with this the students will be invited to compete in the coming months . Finally, the selected take part in the next meeting to be held in Belgium at the University of Ghent and that includes the participation in an intensive course on ICT held by Prof. Bonamie .








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