New tools for the teachers

For the Project Decolle, CCT is innovating all the days for offer to our students courses about hotel management and tourism, with highquality. For this, we are training our teachers  to use TICS for create motivating and engaging activities for the courses.

We learnt to create Webquest and TED-ED, lessons in HTML5 format (with videos and questionnaires). You can share this lesson with the virtual community on internet and everybody can participate.

As well, we know use iSpring and for our presentations on digital whiteboard. This is so useful for the beginning of the courses and conferences. The tool Images Actives is so useful for cut and add text to an image. This is perfect for explain “step by step” a recipe.

Finally, with GuidiGo we can create guided tours, with images and audio available for display with tablets and smarthphones.

Thanks to Pablo Frutos, who recorded video-tutorials for facilitate the use of this tools.

We are learning that the most important thing, is enrich the experience of the teacher group, showing the possibilities of the TICS.

Later, we will learn another tools, this time based on Social Networks.

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