This is the end of the project and with it finishes the meetings, hangouts, journeys, excursions, etc.

The last part of the project has been in Murcia, where Italian and Irish partners visited the region and one of the excursions was to visit Lorca, the city suffered an earthquake.

We had a tourist guide who explained us the most famous and important points in Lorca and he talked about the history and consequences of the earthquake.

The final place that we visited was the LorcaCastle, the most special in the region, where we could see archaeological remains, excavations, the walls, the towers, etc.

It is a place full of history and with breathtaking views.

We had the opportunity to dinner in the Castle garden and enjoy of a relaxed atmosphere talking in English and remembering the Dublin journey between others things.

I suggest everybody involved in this kind of projects, because you have the opportunity to travel, to meet other people and of course to life new experiences. I wish I have more opportunities like this.


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Soraya García García

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