Guided visit to Lorca

On Thursday June 13th was a very hot day, even so, a group of students of the CCT with the people of DSE, (Dublin, Ireland) and the people from LALEO (Santa Severina, Italy), met together to go on an excursion to the wonderful city of the sun: Lorca. We left CCT on a bus at 5 pm; other colleagues would join us for dinner in the castle. When we arrived, a tour guide waiting for us to begin the tour of the city: a walking tour through the old town of Lorca to end on a visit to the Castle: La Fortaleza del Sol.
It was impossible to walk through the streets without noticing the effects of the famous earthquake-11th of May 2011, I was living in Lorca at that time and the tour made me remember everything, the idea of going around the streets, allowed us, to watch how terrible it was, we saw how there are still broken buildings where we could see the consequence of the earthquake but also we spoke with the guide about how the earthquake caused psychological harm on people.
While we were continuing with the tour, the weather became nicer, we visited the White Pass Museum where we had the opportunity to admiring the beauty of the embroidery mantles used in parades during Easter, besides we discussed the historical significance of several monuments such as the Collegiate Church of Saint Patrick and we could see remains of the medieval walls and one of its doors: the porch of San Antonio.
At nightfall we had a short walking into the medieval fortress built between IX-XV: Lorca Castle, a gentle breeze accompanied us as we watched the beautiful views of the place, at the same time we were listening to the historical value of the castle. By knowing the history of the synagogue, we ended our tour in that wonderful afternoon.
At dinner time we enjoyed lovely weather, nice scenery, a culinary delights and the pleasant company, which I consider it was the best of the day… a pleasure having hosted to people from LALEO and DSE and during that week.

Romina Manfredo

One thought on “Guided visit to Lorca

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