Between june 11 and 14  was held the final meeting of the project SONETT Grundtvig learning partnerships. The meeting took place in Murcia, Spain , at the CCT, lead partner of the project in the presence of Italian and Irish delegations .

The opportunity has enabled the delegations from abroad to present each institution affiliation, Roberta Caputo has made ​​a presentation on Santa Severina and LALEO, while Jack  Queen and  Francis Crossen presented the DSE (Dublin School of English) .

During the meeting, the official moments were followed by moments of guided tours of Lorca and Archena, was also given way to the delegations of being able to live one day as students of the CCT, has in fact been following the directives of the chefs cook the Spanish Institute .Several students of the CCT were interested to attend Italian lessons LALEO and English courses at DSE .

Once again, then these projects are useful in maintaining relations between different entities even after the end of the project and allow exchanges profitable and lasting.





  1. Roberta we don´t have enough time to know us but we were very happy to see you in Murcia.I would like to know your city in Italy and why don´t learn italian? besos

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