If you are located in Murcia, Spain, and you are lucky, you can have lunch at the restaurant of the CCT ( Centro de Cualification Turistica ) .

Dining at CCT is a unique experience, unparalleled. You will be greeted by a waiter who all ‘entrance, cordially, leading to the table. The atmosphere is relaxed, serene. Once seated at the table a waiter will come to announce the menu ‘, which is not a simple menu but it is a true story, a story, whose ranks are operated by a creative chef and visionary : David Lopez Carreno .

The rustic dining room run by a maitre sommelier of the caliber of Franzisco Jose Garcia Gomez Josè and Antonio Chacon Camaches .

The menu changes every day, reinterpretations of the classic cuisine murciana and international inventions of the creative chef’s unique dishes, rich taste but at the same time simple, distinguishable flavors, unusual yet delicious mix.

The wine is very rich and is presented in a superb and easy to understand even for non-connoisseurs.

All this is carried out by students of the CCT that combine so theory to practice and no doubt, when you exit from the school of CCT become the best operators in the catering industry.

So, enjoy your meal!





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