A smile on your face!

Kroton for all and Progetto Sorriso stand for unforgettable holidays in Calabria.We offer you a holiday village which will fit especially for you: wheelchair accessible in all its spaces, private beach and even a bridge that leads you into the flat waters of the Ionian sea!

The Progetto Sorriso village:

Laura Faustini and her father Aldo created this small paradies on earth in the middle of the Marine Reserve of Capo Rizzuto, specifically for persons that have to struggle in their daily lifes with all kinds of obstacles which limit their free movements. Thus, the Progetto Sorriso village is accessible for all. Even the splendid beach!

The village is situated in a small bay in the Capo Piccolo Cape, an oasis of tranquillity. It has a private sandy beach. The waters are clear and flat and thanks of a warm current, you can enjoy swimming already in May.

Laura manages the Progetto Sorriso village with the commitment and the care of details, that only a person affected by handicap herself could develop. Hence, nothing is left to chance here.

Until now they constructed 30 flats, 10 of them exclusively for persons with handicap. Each flat has 4 comfortable beds, an anteroom, fridge, tv and air condition, a bathroom with handholds, a shower with seat and an accessible toilet. All rooms are large enough to guarantee free movement for wheelchairs. All flats lead to a veranda where you can sit and relax.Large ramps and ways make sure that even two wheelchairs can pass at the same time. All differences in altitude are levelled carefully and guarantee free access to the beach, the sun-terrace, the restaurant, the offices and to the little amphitheater. But the best of all is the brigde, which has been invented, constructed and tested by Aldo Faustini himself, and which allows everyone to enter in water with a special wheelchair.The private beach is fully accessible for wheelchairs. A totally relaxing holiday will be guaranteed!


Who we are

We are a group of tourism and health care services, of cities and protected areas in the Crotone county in Calabria, Southern Italy. Together we are creating an accessible tourism network, which should allow everyone to visit our beautiful and  rich in history territory – rember: it was Kroton where Pythagoras held his lectures.

Within our network you can find tourist services and accomodations. We have members that dedicate themselve to health care and rehabilitation for our guests. Some municipalities, two National Parks and the Crotone county are cooperating with us, providing services for our guests. All together we offer you an accessible, comfortable and relaxing holiday. Simply, Kroton for all!


Special services for disabled:

All facilities and services follow our principle of accessibility for all. The staff is skilled and especially trained in working with disabilities.Special agreements with health care services and tourist operators on the spot guarantee a full-service package for you and your family.Due to our philosophy “A smile for all”, you will find even our fees accessible for all!


Kroton for all





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