Enjoy a Grundtvig project is one of the experiences involving that had been able to do, to turn for Europe and to know other European citizens as me and together to develop formative and recreational activity has been a great opportunity of personal growth.

A whole life can be spent in own formation but nothing can replace an experience as that to belong to a project with such a heterogeneous whole of participants both for culture, language and formation.

The experiences lived in this last year have been strong involving, but above all useful because the active appointment in to bring forth activity together to a fed group without even not speaking the same language is great as the feelings and the personal growth that it allows yourself. They will seem discounted words,  but it is the reality and also one of the intentions for which the UE  finances and encourages the share to the programs LLP (lifelong learning programme) to participate to an European project you from the awareness to be, an European citizen and not only Irish, Spanish, Italian but European citizens that work and they grow together.


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