Free WiFi in Dublin

We arrived to Dublin, and although some of us knew about this, others realised that we had available free wifi in many places such as trains, buses, airport, parks, squares and shopping areas. It was a pleasant surprise.

This free wifi network distributed for all the city helped our trip, because we were twelve spanish people hosted in several houses and we needed to communicate each other to get together in different places in the downtown and using this wifi network we could do it with our mobiles phones. I would like to hightlight the importance of communicating with our families, to tell them the places we were visiting and our experiences…a luxury!!!

We found that Dublin, as some of the most important cities of the world, is an exemple of digital city. It is a very important issue to ease business and attract and please the tourism and as well as to improve the lives of their inhabitants. I guess this is the reason of being the technological capital of the Old continent, besides having large Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Salesforce, among others.

According to this, I would like to say that we should learn about this in Murcia, because the strength of our region is the tourism and the free wifi would improve the tourism quality.

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