Sonett Project – Dublin



Progett Sonett, meeting in Dublin with the Spanish and Ireland delegations, from 12.01.2013 to 17.01.2013. After the Dublin School English activity, during the our free time,  I and my Spanish friends  we visited the city. When we arrived in the Guinness Guesthouse, we have got to visited the more important productions of beers  establishment in Ireland. So we payed a ticket and we have got also map of this particular museum. Inside we observed, in central position on a first floor, the oldest  and famous lease contract which  Arthur Guinness was signed in December 1759. During this visit we have discovered the most important ingredients which are need in the beer production:  barley, yeast, water, and hops. These high quality ingredients mixed with passion are used to realize this particular  alcoholic beverage, so named Guinness. This Guinness which is possible to taste inside the typical pub, with a pint offer by the  Guinness staff.

When the Guinness staff pull a pint of beer, the drinker  has need to wait just a minute before to drink, because the colour’s and taste beer are not so much good. It is good drink beer, when it is  became in a black colour.


In last part of this visit, when we arrived at the last floor, on the seventh, we received a good surprise, a very beatiful and spectacular panoramic view of Dublin by night!!!  I visited the Guinness Guesthouse  whit a Concia, Rosa, Pachito, Cristian  and the other Spanish people. I good like to stay with  Spanish and Ireland delegations, they are my best friends, with their I can improve my English!!! Thanks a lot for their love for me.

Rosa Procopio

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