GENEROUS         EXCELENT             RAD          AMAZING         RADIANT         DISCIPLINED

Could you say me the ingredients to have the best receipt, if you want to be successful in a class with Italian and Spanish people????? 

THE ANSWER:                                               

Pick the first letter of the adjectives at the top and you will get it………..GERARD, one of the teachers of DSE, who was in charge of teaching and guiding to both delegations from Sonnet project, (Italian and Spanish delegations) during our stay in Dublin. 

In order to keep on with our project, the goal is to establish a common frame using new technologies, between the three delegations (Santa Severina, Dublin School of English and CCT), we had two very exciting discussion about that item. 


The students and the teachers were debating about the use of NT nowadays; the pros and cons, the positive and negative that their use implies. We were even talking about the effects of IT on children.  During all the time Gerard introduced us in the vocabulary and new tendencies of The Net. 


To sum up, we can say that, in order to connect people, to get, to find and to share information, to learn through play, to help disable children and to create the biggest market of the world, IT  has become the main change of the twenty-first century. But on the other hand, we must take care and be conscious about the loss of privacy, to become “slaves” of the computers, to ruin the language, the cyber bulling and the most important thing the lack of movement in the case of Children (less plays, and exercises), and the evidence of do not know the right from wrong, in both worlds; the virtual and the physical. 

Thanks Gerard for your patience, and for your knowledge,  

Resu Rodríguez Gil.  

CCT  Delegation.   



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