Trinity College and Book of Kells

It was a rainy day in Dublin, something very common in the city, after our course in DSE we went out to make an excursion. We were to know the most important university in Ireland: the Trinity College.

After we met our tourist guide, Dave, we went straight to the university; Trinity College was founded in 1952 by Queen Elizabeth I. It is very big university, almost 190.000 m2. It has a lot of attractive buildings; we can find some new buildings and others very old and also big playing fields. Famous characters in history studied in this university, such as Samuel Beckett, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde and I can´t forget to mention, as Dave told us, our famous teacher of technology in DSE, Jack Quinn, who also studied there.

In addition, the Trinity College has the Book of Kells in their library. Three millions of books are in the library and the university receives a copy of every book published in Ireland and Great Britain since 1801.The book of Kells is a manuscript from 8th century. It was written on vellum (calfskin) and it was made by Celtic monks. Contains the 4 Gospels and it is one of the most important manuscript which have survived the Middle Ages.

I have a lot of information that I want to tell you about this, but I don´t want to bore you, I can only say that it was a lovely afternoon in the centre of Dublin; we were walking and taking fantastic pictures and we learned so much in this tour. I remembered it was very cold day but it didn’t matter because we were in Dublin for a week and we had to use the opportunity to learn new things….. and we did it!!


Romina Manfredo

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