Courses in DSE during our trip in Dublin

In January a group of students and professors from CCT had the opportunity to travel to Dublin and live a wonderful experience as you can imagine while you are reading the next lines. I just want to tell you my experience, from my point of view as a one of the students who really enjoyed the trip. During a week we had classes in the morning and after lunch we went out to know Dublin. We did walking tours of the city and we did a lot of things as a tourist, but also more important things happened during mornings.

Every day we arrived at DSE School of English at 9 am, we were divided into two groups, to take different classes, my group started with Gerard, a great teacher who really help us to improve our English, or at least he tried! We learned new vocabulary, how to read a text and make a good comprehension of it, we learned new way of expressing and communicating, how to agree or disagree in a discussion and how to prepare a good debate.

After a short break coffee we went back to class with another teacher, Jack, who was in charge to teach us new technologies and how to use it. We discovered that Gmail account has amazing things to offer, since create our circles in Google plus to be in contact with our friends, how to do a videoconferences with more than one person at the same time, until how to share some videos or some document with the people during a “hangout”, even how to modify on line the document that you are sharing.

This experience was fantastic and we came back to Murcia with marvelous memories from the people whom share this trip with, like the group of Santa Severina and the group of DSE. I am really thankful because was a splendid week in Dublin and we were very lucky to have the opportunity to learn great things.


Romina Manfredo

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