Dublin ,from 12 to 17 January 2013 SONETT project : was another constructive experience and abounding in activities but even very fascinating. Just like an old tradition, it was an interchanging of some traditional products through the partners as littles presents, as usually it’s been during the latest meetings.


scambio regali1scambio regali2








A constructive experience  introduced during the several meetings: the utilization of latest technologies for remote teaching (specifically google+).



We have taken specific topics about the Information Technology in the classroom with professor Gerard,  with long dissertations and some ideas exchanging about bonding between new technologies with this latest devices and the older and younger target inner our society.

With Jack instead, we have estimated and directly used  (free, simple and powerful)  google+ that seems rigth for remote teaching. We have discussed about the important topic of the “digital divide”, that is the main problem for this kind of teaching. It was particularly essential familiarize with using of several devices, what doing, how to using it better.


Copious activities done : walk around the City, visiting quarters,  beer and wisky factories, the prestigious Trynity College, the Archeolycal Museum .
Particularly interesting  the “Irish Music & Dancing Show”.
Irish Music

It was really emotionating and rich in the authentic Irish culture. Music and dancing keeps deep cultural roots. I carry a short video clip shots during the tipical irish musical and dancing performances with the funny lessons that makes us authentic irish dancers just for a day.
Irish Music & Dancing Show
I would like to thank Francis and the whole DSE staff for their full affordability and competence and all the CCT delegation, as usual they was funny .DSE





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