(a big maple tree in  Trinity College gardens)

The third meeting of  GRUNDTVIG Sonett project  was held in Dublin  ( January 12 – 17  2013 ) . It was an opportunity to study, fruitful cultural exchange and also also conviviality. During the appointment of Ireland ( DSE hosted), which was attended by 12 students and teachers of the CCT of Murcia and 4 guests delegated by the City of Santa Severina, a useful stage of learning English and ICT tools most important, followed by an equally useful phase lla visit the city and its major attractions.

During the meeting were laid the foundation stones of a path for the three partners, it is hoped, will still be very long and will be dotted with other projects still under study, precisely because the agreement created and already profitable stretch of road path so far will continue. The three partners (CCT, DSE, SANTA SEVERINA CITY) took on the challenge of new ways to improve the skills of U.S. citizens in Europe.

The experience GRUNDTVIG is, for those lucky enough to take part, a time for professional development, personal, cultural and human unparalleled.

Lifelong learning, of which so much is said in EU programs, is a concrete reality through GRUNDTVIG.

Those who live this experience back home richer in knowledge and can only recommend to anyone  try to touch one of the EU programs that make us all Europe citizens . It ‘s true that active aging, continue to seek stimuli, learning throughout the course of life, even in an informal or non-formal education is the key to a happy life full of experiences.




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