The  DUBLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH  hosted the third meeting of the project GRUNDTVIG January 12 to 17 ,which was attended by the delegation of the CCT of Murcia and the delegation of the City of Santa Severina. The members of the two delegations have participated in personalized lessons held by school teachers.Professors Gerard and Jack held intensive courses during which students and professors of Murcia and parts of the Italian team were able to improve their English and have learned the tools of social media more useful.

The school, located in the heart of Dublin, was born in 1968, has a long tradition of teaching and each year hosts thousands of students from all over the world, Brazil, Japan, Russia. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses, part time concentrated on the weekend, individual lessons, standard courses, all made of   qualified staff in a friendly atmosphere where learning English becomes easy.

The meeting for the project GRUNDTVIG provided, in addition to lectures, a meeting at which were advanced topics of the next meeting and presented a number of interesting ideas.



3 thoughts on “DSE, DUBLIN

  1. It has been a great and unforgettable experience ! Thanks a lot to DSE, DUBLIN and everyone that has made it be possible 😉

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