Christmas is,  in crotonese  territory , the perfect opportunity to enjoy the specialties that come from the past. There are many delicacies that are prepared in every home and in every family in Santa Severina . They are sweet to be absolute protagonists of the boards of the Christmas holidays , desserts from simple ingredients, readily available, as is typical Calabrian cuisine , whose recipes are handed down from generation to generation, from family to family .

Inevitable on our Christmas tables are the “Pitte cu passuli” cakes pastry enriched with raisins and flavored with vermouth ,are just as tasty ” tardiddri ” fried cakes and mulled wine in the past .




A separate chapter deserve cuddruriaddri or fried things, donuts and fried dough rises of the past in the sugar .

Sweets inimitable because handed down from generation to generation, local, fresh, hand-made with unique materials, from ancient techniques, but above all the result of a land untouched, pure representations of the feelings of the people Calabrian peasant.






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