The Region of Murcia for its weather and its land is a special area of wine production. We live surrounded by vines and a gastronomic tradition .There is a good quality wine production and we would like you to know our enology culture.

mapa murcia

There are three D.O (guarantee of origin and quality of a wine) in our Region. The producers of D.O keep a high quality and the most traditional ways.

In areas where there are no D.O wines, there are table wine productions.

 Our D.O are: Jumilla, Yecla and Bullas, and two land wines: Abanilla y Cartagena Country.


Between the grapes of D.O we can find:



The monastrell needs a Mediterranean weather and long and sunny summers. The fruits are round small and black. They produce an intense wine that is softened with raising.



From these grapes are obtained strong, full-bodied, opulent reds and with a characteristic aroma of violet.



These grapes are large with a soft peel and golden color. The wine is fresh and fruity with soft aroma.

They aren’t usually very alcoholic wines, reaching graduation between 9 and 10.5%.


This grape needs sun, wet land and influence of the sea. Their fruits are round, large and their colour may be red, white or black. The aromas of orange blossom and honey are highlighted in this wine.

Esperanza Pérez Andreo

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