I,m a waitress

There’s been a significant change in my life since I’ve carried out my course  “Basic Operations of Restaurant and Bar”

 I have always been struck by the world of hospitality; the contact with the people, the master waiting on the tables, the harmony on the table, in the dining room…

 But my fate was another, the administrative branch. I was devoted to it but I couldn’t keep on due to several reasons so I made a decision; to become a hospitality professional. But it was very hard because I couldn?t stop thinking about what I had left behind.

 After many classes, after many teachers and professionals whose work is not to teach but to show us the reasons of being devoted to this profession, after good and bad experiences I think I made the best decision.

I know I have many things to learn and practise yet but I have a GOAL;  “to run my own restaurant”. I’ve been given a good knowledge and I have the proper attitude so someday all this effort will be rewarded and I will reach my goal.

Rufi Lajara

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