Studing at CCT

Let´s think of the last two months!! Shall we?

In October a group of people were submitted in CCT Murcia looking for an opportunity. We will hope do a course that improvement our skills as employers in a restaurant. Some of us had experience in this area, but it would be the first experience in this magnificent world for me.

During two months we learnt a lot. Things related to working in a restaurant. We learned about wine and the culture of Murcia´s wine, the typical grape of Murcia, Monastrel, which give us an amazing wine that you have to test when you visit Murcia.

Also we learnt about different types of water, cheese, jam, beer, and obviously the tasty olive oil from this area. We spent time learning new knowledge. We had become more confident of our capacities, because we have trust in our professionalism. After two month we rely on our ability to engage in this spectacular restaurant industry.

Above everything, we learnt is how to work as a team, how to be respectful with our colleagues. We learnt a lot about each other and mostly of us we ended the course having new great people in our live. This is something that I am very grateful nowadays because I learnt new skills and knowledge, and the same time, this course gave me the opportunity to have met fantastic people.


Romina Manfredo

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