My stay at CCT

CCT is an important institution that offers a wide range of courses for tourism and an excellent learning and a high professionalism. Teachers are highly trained and always empathic of international students because they speak  slowly and clearly and give you the chance to understand very well. This center is about 360 degrees because it has language courses, English, German,  hospitality, organization of events, restaurateurs, chefs, sommeliers and at the same time gives the possibility of connection with those who seek operators in these sectors and provides an important reference point for tourism, añso a lot of postgraduate courses, seminars and professional conferences, professional practices in classroom business simulation courses in e-learning and many other things for a full qualification entrepreneurs and professionals in the Hospitality and Tourism. This center and an excellent reference point for students from all over the world and for the murcians. When you are here you realize that the art of Murcian hospitality is in their blood, they do not need to study it ! Anyway they take care to the client and pay to him so much attention all the time during their lessons and in their real life… Francisco Jose Garcia Gomez is a perfect teacher, when he explains the wines during the sommelier course and invites them to taste different speicialities of Murcias’ wines, suddenly he becomes  a poet….and I have to say by the way that the Murcias’ wines are delicious! They have unique taste and they smells like the wild berries, grapes and other fruits, spices exceptional of Murcia. I wish I would bring some in Italy…. To give as a gift as well… Good idea ! And will be also so difficult to choose anyone….

I got to know some classmates in the “Operaziones basicas del restaurante y Bar “and I was impressed by their friendly manner and their welcome in their class! I socialized with them outside school and they led me to see the beauty of Murcia.



I did a tour in a very spontaneous and very pleasant way with them. I went through with their beautiful days and evenings. With them, I visited the Fuensanta, the Casino de Murcia, the Cathedral and many other places. I noticed that Murcia and murcians  are very open minded  to foreigners and Murcia is very international. I like it very much! Here you can find different nationalities from North Africa , South America , German, England, Italy, China , Japan and so on … When you are in a Chinese supermarket , you can hear Chinese music , in an Arabic bar you can hear Arabic music and so on… That means a multicultural city! This is wonderful for tourists because it means a great hospitality! I’m sure I will come back to Murcia next time I’m going to come by flight from Milan to Alicante airport, than from Alicante to Murcia in an hour and I strongly recommend to do this experience in the CCT center. It will help you very much in your life and job.

Dhurata Bejkollari an internship student of European course of Higher Education Technical Training (IFTS) CESCOT  Portoferraio, Isola d’Elba Italy

One thought on “My stay at CCT

  1. I have a plesant job. suddenly, I meet an student that becames from Italy.and I wonder when i know she speaks english very well, she helps us to became better in english, and to open our mind, and thanks to her we think about travel arround our city and visit a lot of monumets, quite often forget. Tomorrow she comes back but we won´t forget her. Thanks for your time.

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