Aguilas´s Carnival

There are many interesting festivals in Murcia.

I’m going to tell you about one which is the most representative of “Águilas” (a little town in the coast)

 It’s the Carnival. In 1997 it was declared to be of interest to tourists and from that date many people gather to celebrate it wearing costumes and taking part in many activities.

This Carnival has a long tradition. It is believed to have started in the XVIII century during Charles III reign. The first pictures were taken  in 1903.

In Águilas the carnival lasts for two weeks and it has some emblematic characters, for example:

“La Musa”: it symbolizes the Carnival Spirit and gives colour to the town.

“Don Carnal”: it’s the reincarnation of Jano, a God that loves fiesta, the hustle and bustle of the city and the loss of any kind of inhibition. However, Don Carnal knows that his reign won’t last long and in the end, he will be burnt.

“Doña Cuaresma”: This character symbolizes just the opposite of Don Carnal: abstinence and seriousness, but on the first Saturday of Carnival, she allows a week of drunkenness and lust winning Don Carnal, on the Saturday called “de Piñata”, when he is burnt.

“La Musona”: Is the most representative character of this Carnival. It symbolizes the duality of any human being as it is half animal and half human; half wild and half civilized.

During the Carnival take place several performances:

“the Handing over of Power”: it’s celebrated on the Saturday when Carnival begins. The characters of the previous year Carnival pass the baton on to those of the present year.

 “Gala of the Characters’ Election”

“Gala of Paper Costumes”

“Carnival Concert”


During those days you can also take part in different contests: best Drag Queen, best body make-up, a photographic competition, a literary contest, a drawing competition for schoolchildren, or a National Contest for krewes.

The best way to know about this Festival or about the many others that are celebrated in Murcia is to come and have fun!!

Mª José Artero

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