Diary – Cathedral of Murcia- the Church of Saint Mary Spain

I will always remember the beautiful raining day .  I was with my classmates from the CCT school with Romina Manfredo,  Inma  Pérez,  Susanna Woyaffe, Pepe Bolea,  “Operaciones Basicas Restaurante y Bar”.  It was one of the most beautiful hospitality I used to have in Murcia. I had my personal guides!! We had an appointment at Plaza de Toros- the Bullring in Murcia and after that we were in the Cathedral square. It was so, so magical to be in front of it. The Church is in so great and beautiful, you can find a lot of history and art in it , because it was first a mosque that became a church . That’s rare! And also is so great because has the Baroque facade and the inside halls are Gothic style! This cathedral speaks a lot! Everybody needs to visit it. I recommend everybody to visit it.

It is also interesting how they keep in safe and secure the heart of their national hero Alfonso X the Wise.

The heart and the entrails of the king are buried under the main altar of the cathedral, as he indicated in his testament, as a gift and proof of his love to Murcia and in thanks to the fidelity that the city showed to him. This Cathedral has a wonderful and big heart that beats every moment for the freedom of this country and thanking always the God that protects everybody’s soul. You can find also big people hearts around too in Murcia city, everywhere. This place is worth to be visited. It is an exciting place. I will miss it!!

Dhurata Bejkollari an integrated stage student of European CESCOT IFTS Portoferraio (LI) in Tourism Course.

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